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COMI Techmill CNC Machines


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COMI was founded in August 1973,designing and manufacturing thermoforming machines. In 1994, COMI added a line cutting systems with advanced technology, this led the company to enter into the field of laser cutting machines, with 3 and 5 axes.  COMI then established "TechMill", a Company specialized in design and construction of CNC machining centers.  

The CNC working centres have their application in several industrial sectors, since they offer the possibility to process an heterogeneous series of materials ranging from wood to plastics, composites, light alloys, carbon fi ber, etc. andtheir demand is continuously increasing in sectors like automotive, railway,wind, aerospace, photovoltaic, furniture, nautical, etc.  They are machines designed with the best technology and manufactured to fulfill the customer’s specific production requirements. They can be 3 or 5 axisversion, with one (or more) working head, the working tables can be fi xed ormobile, tandem, rotary and a series of items can optimise at the best the cycle time, always in compliance with the strictest safety standard.

Our 5 axis Machining Centers range of mobile gantry is among the most complete, thanks to the variety of solutions developed for a wide selection ofmaterials.The top of the range is made up of a series of machines for steel, titanium andadvanced materials applications and are made with the most up-to-datetechnology, off ering unique constructive solutions.These machining centers are ensuring the maximum performances in fi nishingand accuracy, and are off ering what today is the best available on the market.All 2 interpolated axis heads, are designed by us and have the dual opposedmotors on both rotary axes, a unique feature as to achieve the most accuracy and reliability.

After almost 40 years of hystory, COMI is a strong and realible Company, with more then 1,000 systems installed in over 50 Countries around the world, and a "first class" customer's reference list, with its name recognised to be among the most prestigious leaders in the market.