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Are You Ready for the Changes Coming?

Posted by R. Ragnini on May 23 2016
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Dear American’s,

Over the last 50 years I have seen major changes come about, on an average every eight years. They normally coincide with a major change in our government leadership. I think and hope major changes will be coming.
Changes have already begun and many more will affect the American manufacturing sector. Housing starts & major building project permits are up. Road, bridge and inter- structure rebuild and repair are up. Oil and energy prices are up. Aerospace and Auto are strong. With the right government leadership, the boarders will tighten and import duties will rise, driving much off shoring back to the USA Manufacturing. Coal and energy exploration should rebound. Military spending and re-armament will leap forward. High-speed rail and transportation will help forward.
Because of the massive cutbacks, plant closures, loss of qualified personal and current government restrictions, when the booms moves into full swing you need to plan and move forward now. Machine tools inventories and deliveries are good, finance costs are low and the talent pool is still good. Automation and attention to the Mobile Digital information should be of major consideration. Yesterday’s technology will not meet tomorrow’s needs. Focuses on the technology and the profit will follow.
Let RBR Machine Tool’s 32 years of experience help you reach your productivity goals. RBB’s real success is our dedication to our customers. Our commitment is to insure our customers receive everything you can reasonably expect... and then some.
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