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KITAKO 4 spindle chucker

Posted by R. Ragnini on Jan 12 2017
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The KITAKO 4 spindle chucker features complete automation with parts loader and stacker. Get total unmanned operation for $6,343.00 per month.


Load while Machining 

Four spindles, generally partnered in pairs, are mounted in a square pattern in a large cylindrical carrier drum. When the carrier is indexed 180 degrees, two spindles/parts move from the loading zone to the machining zone. At the same time, the other two spindles/parts move from the machining zone to the loading zone. As two parts are being machined, two new parts are being loaded. This continuous indexing is similar to that of a pallet changer on a machining center, but can take as little as two seconds to complete, you could be back in the cut in only five seconds.

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