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Posted by R. Ragnini on May 19 2016
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 M–One series VMC by Maple Tech
Better by design

TWO for ONE Special

6 Class P linear way blocks in X & Z axis. 8 Roller  packs &  4 ways support the Y-axis for max.  Support & Rigidity.

Built in two step geared spindle drive with chiller provides 3 times the milling power.

30% Better built with 6 guide way packs in Y & Z & 8 in the Y axis, providing the extra rigidity and accuracy to allow effective used of the heavy duty higher RPM spindles up to 30,000 RPM. Hollow ball screws allow for faster acceleration, less vibration, noise and heat reduction.
Four high accuracy heavy duty bearings in the motor mount and three in the rear support for the ball screws increase the rigidity by 50%, providing faster cutting and higher accuracy.

Two M-one 20 VMC with 52” by 24“ table, 48” by 24” by 24.8” travels, Fanuc Oi-MD CNC
1,417 IPM rapids, 24 Tool Arm type ATC, 435 PSI CTS , Chain type chip conveyor.
With 20 HP build in two gear range 50 taper spindle with 6,000 RPM   $184,500 / 2 machines
With 20 HP belt drive 50 taper spindle with 6,000 RPM                         $179,000 / 2 machines
With 20 HP belt drive 40 taper spindle with 10,000 RPM                       $160,000 / 2 Machines

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