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Multi Spindle Machine Tools

Posted by R. Ragnini on Jan 12 2017
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Multi Spindle machine tools offered by RBR

Milling Centers
GROB G 520  Model Twin spindle Horizontal 5 axis, common X, Y, B axis & independent Z & C axis less APC  with 31.4“ rotary tables. $ 823,740,00

Kira Twin spindle Vertical 3 axis / common X,Y & Z  Optional 4 & 5 axis  6” – 8” Capacity.

DVK Twin spindle 5 axis machining cell with built in robot automation, part buffer storage. Typical turnkey complete system cost. $ 873,223.00


SENDAY Multi spindle chucker with 6“ chucks, complete automation with turn over station and 16 station parts stacker  $159.900.00 Live tooling option available.

Kitako Multi spindle machine with 4 - 8” dia. chucks with 2 spindles for part loading while 2 spindles are running with complete automation and 16 pallet parts stacker.  Systems cost $ 468,700.00

Fortune Victor Tiachung

Vturn-Q-200 TTY2 Twin opposed spindle CNC chucker with 8” chucks, C axis and three axis milling for each spindle with 32 tools and complete automation option with parts stacker. Cost $349,000.00 less automation.



FastCut ® Center Spindle Drive with automation


NILES-SIMMONS Dual Spindle Multi-tasking N30 MC  34.5” by 126” part capacity with dual 85hp spindles & 72 Tool ACT for each 5 axis work head.


For more details on any of these multi spindle production systems or any other RBR product, please contact RBR Machine Tools at 630-971-8729.

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