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KITAKO 4 spindle chucker

The KITAKO 4 spindle chucker features complete automation with parts loader and stacker. Get total unmanned operation for $6,343.00 per month.


Load while Machining 

Four spindles, generally partnered in pairs, are mounted in a square pattern in a large cylindrical carrier drum. When the carrier is indexed 180 degrees, two spindles/parts move from the loading zone to the machining zone. At the same time, the other two spindles/parts move from the machining zone to the loading zone. As two parts are being machined, two new parts are being loaded. This continuous indexing is similar to that of a pallet changer on a machining center, but can take as little as two seconds to complete, you could be back in the cut in only five seconds.

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Multi Spindle Machine Tools

Multi Spindle machine tools offered by RBR

Milling Centers
GROB G 520  Model Twin spindle Horizontal 5 axis, common X, Y, B axis & independent Z & C axis less APC  with 31.4“ rotary tables. $ 823,740,00

Kira Twin spindle Vertical 3 axis / common X,Y & Z  Optional 4 & 5 axis  6” – 8” Capacity.

DVK Twin spindle 5 axis machining cell with built in robot automation, part buffer storage. Typical turnkey complete system cost. $ 873,223.00


SENDAY Multi spindle chucker with 6“ chucks, complete automation with turn over station and 16 station parts stacker  $159.900.00 Live tooling option available.

Kitako Multi spindle machine with 4 - 8” dia. chucks with 2 spindles for part loading while 2 spindles are running with complete automation and 16 pallet parts stacker.  Systems cost $ 468,700.00

Fortune Victor Tiachung

Vturn-Q-200 TTY2 Twin opposed spindle CNC chucker with 8” chucks, C axis and three axis milling for each spindle with 32 tools and complete automation option with parts stacker. Cost $349,000.00 less automation.



FastCut ® Center Spindle Drive with automation


NILES-SIMMONS Dual Spindle Multi-tasking N30 MC  34.5” by 126” part capacity with dual 85hp spindles & 72 Tool ACT for each 5 axis work head.


For more details on any of these multi spindle production systems or any other RBR product, please contact RBR Machine Tools at 630-971-8729.

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CNC Turning & Milling Lathe Model: VTL-31F

CNC Turning & Milling Lathe

Model: VTL-31F

CNC Double Column Turning & Milling Lathe Model: VTL-31F
Fancu 0i-TF controller
Max. Swing and cutting diameter 3,150 mm, 2,800 mm diameter worktable
1,000 mm workpiece height, 1,000 mm ram vertical travel
Two turning & milling rams, 240x240 mm ram section
2,000 rpm milling spindle speed
12 tons worktable load capacity and heavy duty machine base
Hydrostatic worktable guide way
Worktable indexing
Live spindle inside the ram
Fanuc 50KW servo motor used for both turning and indexing
One 8 sets turning ATC+ one 12 sets milling ATC
Schneider electical parts
Kompass hydraulic parts
Two years warranty

USD $599,500.00 F.O.B China

Standard Features:

★ Suitable for 440V/60HZ/3Ph local power supply
★ Reliable & powerful Fanuc 0i-TF CNC control
★ High grade cast iron structure of main bodies for super stability, reliability & longer
machine life
★ Widened guide way of cross rail ensure rigidity heavy cutting, no bending tolerance and
excellent precision machining.
★ Servo feeding motors & ball screws are used for feeding of both tool heads
★ High precision bearings used for supporting precision ball screws (X / Z axes) on tool
★ High power Fanuc 50 kW servo main motor
★ C45 steel rams are induction hardened & ground for improved dynamic performance &
longer life
★ 240x240mm section ram, guarantee high rigidity and low distortion
★ Forged shafts used in the table speed change gear box
★ Hardened & ground gears in table speed change gearbox for smooth running
★ Anti-wear industrial Zinc-Aluminum alloy (ZnAl10-5) lining on sliding guide ways and
wear-resistant Zinc-Aluminum alloy (ZnAl10-5) lining engraved on table guide ways for
longer machine life
★ Automatic compulsory lubrication system for tool heads and cross rail guide ways
★ Air conditioner for independent electric cabinet, especially suitable for tropic climate
★ Centralized operation button station and pendent operation panel
★ Telescopic steel covers on cross rail guide ways to avoid intrusion of chips, dust, oil
★ PLC unit integrated in electrical system for reliable functioning
★ LED Work lamps for sufficient lighting
★ Affluent safety & protection setting-ups & interlocks are integrated with the machine,
★ Table with manual 4-jaw chuck with chucking jaws
★ Independent hydraulic power pack, easier for adjustment & maintenance

Accessories and Options included in base price of the machine:

* Table chucking jaws, tool holder, foundation wedges and bolts, wrench & spanner, etc.
• Oil chilling unit for hydraulic
• 90 degree angle head
• Linear scale for X/Z axis for each ram
• Extranal coolant nozzle
• Coolant tank ( customer prepare the metal cover for collecting water and chip to the
chip conveyor )
• Chip conveyor ( extra powerful motor 1.5KW and extra width 500mm, perfect working
for cutting chips in ball shape )
• Chip cart
• Paper filter
• Oil skimmer
• Magnetic metal chip separator
• Installation & commissioning
• One copy each of Operation manual in English, Certificate of Quality & Packing list


Within 180 days after receipt of order along with advance payment, subject to delays
which may occur due to reasons beyond our control and Force Majeure conditions.
Transport within around 35 days from China to main port of USA


The machine is warranted for a period of 15 months from the date of shipment or 13
months from the date of ship arrival, whichever is earlier, against faulty workmanship
and defective material. In this situation, parts will be supplied for free in replacement of
defective parts against detailed inspection report after check up and ratification. After
warranty period, parts can be supplier with a factory cost.

RBR has you covered!

We have all your macine tool requirements covered
Super Size to Super Accurate

Are You Ready for the Changes Coming?

Dear American’s,

Over the last 50 years I have seen major changes come about, on an average every eight years. They normally coincide with a major change in our government leadership. I think and hope major changes will be coming.
Changes have already begun and many more will affect the American manufacturing sector. Housing starts & major building project permits are up. Road, bridge and inter- structure rebuild and repair are up. Oil and energy prices are up. Aerospace and Auto are strong. With the right government leadership, the boarders will tighten and import duties will rise, driving much off shoring back to the USA Manufacturing. Coal and energy exploration should rebound. Military spending and re-armament will leap forward. High-speed rail and transportation will help forward.
Because of the massive cutbacks, plant closures, loss of qualified personal and current government restrictions, when the booms moves into full swing you need to plan and move forward now. Machine tools inventories and deliveries are good, finance costs are low and the talent pool is still good. Automation and attention to the Mobile Digital information should be of major consideration. Yesterday’s technology will not meet tomorrow’s needs. Focuses on the technology and the profit will follow.
Let RBR Machine Tool’s 32 years of experience help you reach your productivity goals. RBB’s real success is our dedication to our customers. Our commitment is to insure our customers receive everything you can reasonably expect... and then some.
Please feel free to contact us if we can help you Get Ready
RBR Machine Tools Div. RBR Associates Inc.

Tooling & Medical Machine Tools

Swiss Type Production System

Small I.D. and O.D. Precision Grinders

 True Radius and Ball Turning System


5 Axis production Machining Centers

Vertical, Surface and Cylindrical Profile Grinding Centers 

Contact RBR for details on there full complement of Tooling & Medical Machine Tools

Automated Production Centers

Automated Production Grinding

Twin Spindle 5 Axis machining system
with built Robot and material storage system


Automated Horizontal Turning Production


Multi Pallet FMC & FMS systems

Twin Spindle Production

Production Vertical Automation

Contact RBR for details on there full complement of production machine tools

5 Axis AEROSPACE Machine Tools

COMI 5 Axis Horizontal
Axis travels up to 236” X – 80” Y- 48” Z
Standard dual tables 236” by 80”

COMI Carbon Fiber 5 Axis VMC
Axis travels up to 244” X – 102” Y- 48” Z


5 Axis High Speed Vertical Machining Center

Jet Engine Aero Stators and Rotors Grinders

Contact RBR for details on there full complement of machine tools specifically for the Aerospace Industry

 M–One series VMC by Maple Tech
Better by design

TWO for ONE Special

6 Class P linear way blocks in X & Z axis. 8 Roller  packs &  4 ways support the Y-axis for max.  Support & Rigidity.

Built in two step geared spindle drive with chiller provides 3 times the milling power.

30% Better built with 6 guide way packs in Y & Z & 8 in the Y axis, providing the extra rigidity and accuracy to allow effective used of the heavy duty higher RPM spindles up to 30,000 RPM. Hollow ball screws allow for faster acceleration, less vibration, noise and heat reduction.
Four high accuracy heavy duty bearings in the motor mount and three in the rear support for the ball screws increase the rigidity by 50%, providing faster cutting and higher accuracy.

Two M-one 20 VMC with 52” by 24“ table, 48” by 24” by 24.8” travels, Fanuc Oi-MD CNC
1,417 IPM rapids, 24 Tool Arm type ATC, 435 PSI CTS , Chain type chip conveyor.
With 20 HP build in two gear range 50 taper spindle with 6,000 RPM   $184,500 / 2 machines
With 20 HP belt drive 50 taper spindle with 6,000 RPM                         $179,000 / 2 machines
With 20 HP belt drive 40 taper spindle with 10,000 RPM                       $160,000 / 2 Machines

Call RBR Machine Tools at 630-971-8729 for more information.


Heavy Duty Machine Tools

COMI Bridge Mills

SAFOP HD 43” to 236” Dia. with 350 Tons Wt. Cap.

AZ Large Capacity Grinders

Niles Simmons Mill Turn to 60” Dia.

TOS Varnsdorf Boring Mills
4”-8” Dia. spindle, Table & Floor type

Mario Carnaghi
40” to 313” Turning Cap. & Multi Tasking 

For more details on any of the products shown contact RBR Machine tools.

New Product: The CncGcoder® HD Pro Shop Floor Rugged PC


RBR Machine Tools is introducing the CncGcoder® HD Pro shop floor tablet PC. The CncGcoder® Pro combines all of the productive features you expect from our CncGcoder® HD line combined with the ultra rugged Trimble® Kenai tablet computer. This unit meets IP68 specifications with an up-to date Microsoft® Windows® 10 Professional operating system and a large 10.1” Gorilla® glass HD display touch screen, 1.46GHz dual-core Intel® AtomTM E3826 processor, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, 8MP camera with LED flash (supports video), and hot swappable battery. File Storage and Transfer support include USB drive support, WiFi, and Bluetooth Wireless. The CncGcoder® HD Pro Model’s serial cable is made using extreme duty durable industrial wire for reliable connections even after millions of bends and flexes.

Designed for machine tool setup, maintenance, and programming personnel, the CncGcoder® Pro is a handheld tool for backing-up, editing, and transferring CNC machine tool G-Code programs. CncGcoder® HD Pro features an easy-to-use, PC compatible file system that allows users to store and organize G- Code programs in unlimited directories. In addition to the large 256 Gigabyte internal flash storage, the USB, WiFi, and Bluetooth support offer limitless memory capabilities and enables the user to directly transfer the files between the CncGcoder® and any PC or Network.

The CncGcoder® HD Pro handheld exceeds IP68 specs and is liquid, dust, and shock-resistant and is designed to withstand a four-foot drop without damage. The extreme duty CNC serial cable uses an abrasion resistant industrial high-flex cable and thumb-screw connectors. A 10-point multi-touch capacitive touchscreen allows quick program edits using fingers or the capacitive stylus. The removable high capacity rechargeable battery enables hours of continuous use between charges.

The complete package includes the rugged tablet PC with the CncGcoder® software preinstalled, the extreme duty RS-232 serial cable, standard battery pack (49 Whr/5 hours*), international AC charger, capacitive stylus and tether, screen protector with cleaning cloth, and is backed by a full factory warranty. Current CncGcoder® users can easily migrate their G-code data and machine settings to the new CncGcoder® HD Pro tablet PC.

Use as a Productivity Tool

From the smallest job shops to the largest production lines, the CncGcoder®HD Pro is a useful tool for any size machine shop. The newest Windows 10 Professional OS allows you to manage all of your shop floor data including: G-Code files, Process Sheets, Part Prints, Setup Instructions, Machine Manuals, SPC Data, Tooling Lists, and Fixture Photos. Even run complex CAD/CAMM software right on the shop floor. Save time and money by reducing your downtime and increasing your productivity. You can spend more time using your machines than programming them. 


Use to Store and Transfer G-Code Programs

Never need to worry about available memory on your CNC again. Store your G-Code programs on your PC and then use your CncGcoder® HD Pro to transfer the programs to your CNC when needed. (up to 1 MB per transfer is supported). By displaying the program on the unit’s screen, you can be sure it is the correct the first time. No time is wasted running to and from the computer to check what is being transferred. You can just walk up to the machine and start communications. Use the CncGcoder® to backup your CNC’s memory and parameters so you are able to reload the CNC when it is running again. Reduce downtime when your DNC network goes down. While you are waiting for the network to be repaired, use the CncGcoder® to transfer program to your machine and keep it cutting.

Use to Edit and Manage G-Code Programs

No need to run back to your computer to make simple program changes. You can use the CncGcoder® to make quick program edits right in front of your CNC. It’s easy to change speeds, feeds, or even program numbers on the shop floor. You can make your changes and send the new program to the CNC in seconds. Never have difficulty finding the right program again. File management has been simplified with the CncGcoder®. The G-Code programs can be saved with descriptive names as PC formatted files. These files can then be organized into any number of folders or directories. The unit also supports SD flash cards and USB flash/thumb drives for limitless memory capabilities.

Shop Hardened

The shop hardened CncGcoder® was designed with your shop floor in mind. The unit is liquid resistant, dust resistant, and shock resistant. The CncGcoder® HD Pro comes with a extreme duty serial cable that connects the unit to the RS-232 serial port on your CNC. The cable screws into the CncGcoder® HD Pro and into the CNC’s port for a secure, reliable connection.

CncGcoder HD Pro Specs

Rugged Tablet Computer: Trimble® Kenai Model KEN89
Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® 10 Professional
Memory: 8 GB SDRAM, 256 GB SSD Flash Storage
Processor: Intel® BayTrail-I Atom E3826 1.46GHz dual-core processor

Display: 10.1” full color: WUXGA [1920 x1200]

Audio: 3.5 mm audio jack and integrated microphone and speaker
Touch Screen: 10-point multi-touch capacitive touchscreen
Battery: Hot swappable battery Capacity: 10.8V 4.5mAh, 49 Whr -5 hours life (active use)
Length 11.7 in. (298 mm), Width: 8.1 in. (206 mm), Thickness: 1.7 in. (43 mm) Weight: 3.5 Lbs Sensors: Gyro, accelerometer, e-compass, ambient light sensor
Wireless Support: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, L1 GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou with SBAS Camera: 8MP camera with LED flash; supports video
Comms: RS-232 W/ Extreme duty DB25 cable, 2 USB 2.0 Jacks
Sealing (meets IP68 Specs): Dust Resistant, Liquid Resistant, Drop Resistant

CncGcoder® Software Specs

Max Number of CNC Machine Setups: 1,000 machines tested
CNC Program Editor: 30,000 characters maximum length.
CNC Program Transfer Size: up to 1MB per transfer (limit tested and fully supported) CNC Baud Rates Supported: 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200
CNC Data Formats Supported: ISO, ASCII

Complete CncGcoder HD Pro Package $3995.00 Introductory Pricing Available Now!

2 Year Hardware Warranty and Free Lifetime Technical Support on all CncGcoder Products

Call RBR Machine Tools at 630-971-8729 for Ordering Information.

Click HERE to download the CncGcoder Pro Flyer 

Click HERE to download the Trimble Kenai Spec Sheet

Fortune International


For 27 years Fortune Int. Inc. USA has sold and supported over 15,000 machine made by Victor Taichung, Taiwan’s # 1 complete machine tool builder for over 62 years.


Please take a moment to view some of the videos of a few of the over 100 machine models offered.


More Videos

Vcenter-AX350 (5-axis machining)

Vcenter-AX800 (5-axis machining)


Vcenter-H1000 with 6-pallet + RGV


RBR’s Engineering and Computing Solutions for Manufacturing

With over 50 years of Manufacturing, Marketing & Support experience servicing industrial & commercial industries.

Our services include:
-Development of manufacturing process and implementation
Including: Equipment selection, including robot and RGV, installation supervision, programs, training, computer intergeneration, quality process development, fixture and tooling development, productivity report management.
-Development and intergeneration of complete turnkey systems
-Computer integration of existing and new equipment to networking systems
-Customized development of computer program, systems and hardware
This includes DNC systems, data transfer systems, marketing, inventory control, quality control, manufacturing data aids. Test and product development programs.
- Market research & development and evaluation of new and existing products and processes to today standards
-Lean, Cost Reduction, Continuous Improvement & PM programs

Our successful projects completed for:
Kenematal Inc, CNH, Caterpillar, A.W. Chesterton, Bodine Electric, Husqvarna, Metal Impact, Parker Hannifin, John Deer, Spraying Systems, Wilton Ent., ITT Bell & Gossit, Hadady Corp. Components Express, Komatsu , IBM, Automated Mfg. Ind., GE, Rexnord , SKF, Verson, SPX, TAC Mfg., Klein Tools , Components Express , Naperville Chauffeuring, Fisher Printing, Astron Corp., Hydroline, Sundstrand, Hills McKenna, Ballco Mfg, Aurora Custom, Cherry Valley Machine & over 6,000 CNC data transfer system installations world-wide.

The scope of this work included selection and implication of manufacturing equipment including, 6 major multi machine FMS systems, 4 major transfer systems with robots, 7 major products developments & launches with marketing and numerous custom computer system and software for manufacturing, marketing, quality & management.

Let RBR’s 52 years of experience help you reach your productivity goals. Installation of over 500 million dollars worth of world-class machine tools & engineering services, has proven RBR’s real success is our dedication to our customers. Our commitment is to insure our customers receive everything you can reasonably expect... and then some.

“YOU ARE THE BEST, HONEST,AND TRUEST MACHINE TOOL COMPANY OF THEM ALL.” Larry kluba - Plannning and Dev. Mgr De-sta-co / Camco Products

“very high quality manufacturers and the personalized service you provide far surpasses any other machine tool provider.” Steve Gibson - Strategic Planning M E Caterpillar Inc.

Please contact us at 630-971-8729 for a confidential discussion about how we can assist you in reaching your goals.

M-One APC Series by Maple

Dare to compare this heavy duty 40” x 20” x 20” travels, 20 HP, two gear range 6,000 RPM 40 taper spindle, two 40” x 20” Pallet APC, 1,417 IPM rapids , 30 tool arm type ATC / T-T time 1.8 sec, 435 PSI CTS with dual filter system, spindle chiller, chip wash system, Fanuc-Oi-MD CNC with AiCC1, rigid tapping system & transformer. Options include10 -30,000 RPM, 50 taper spindles & table sizes to 74.8" by 27.5" and travels to 70.8" by 25.5"





6 Class P linear way blocks in both X & Z axis. 8 Roller packs and 4 ways support the Y axis for maximum support & rigidity.


Built in two step geared spindle drive with chiller provides 3 times the milling power of a direct drive machine.


The M-ONE 10 APC for $ 130,000.00 FOB your plant door.

For comparison, a Haas VF-3 with 24 tools arm type ATC and a Midaco add-on APC system is $135,760.00*

*Based on published price list 12-2-2015



Why WELDON SOLUTIONS should be your first choice for production grinding


Established in 1891, the first AMERICAN builder offering  an NC grinder in 1971.  Building a complete lineup of production CNC Cylindrical & ID grinders, 24” swing and 60” centers, at their plant in York Pa. Featuring complete Turn key systems and Peel Grinding.
All models have the highest rigidity and stiffness of any grinding machine in the market. This is due to the use of ShearDamper ® Vibration Mitigation System used exclusively by Weldon. This provides Longer wheel life and better finishes. Three point leveling.  Greater stock removal.  The ShearDamper is the very best design for Vibration Damping & Thermal Stability.
The extreme heavy angular contact ball bearing spindle design with 25 HP allows for heavy duty wheel edge Contouring & Peel grinding.  The heavy-duty live spindle work-head with 6”A2 Spindle nose & #5 MT center, has a 4.7” spindle Dia. and a quad set of angular  contact bearings.  The heavy-duty tailstock has a # 5 Morse taper.
This provides a grinding system capabilities no one in the industry will out produce.

Mobilize your shop floor with CncGcoder®



Mobilize your shop floor with CncGcoder®

Use as a Mobility Productivity Tool

From the smallest job shops to the largest production lines, the CncGcoder® is a useful tool for any size machine shop.  The built-in Office and PDF support allows you to manage all of your shop floor data including: G-Code files, Process Sheets, Part Prints, Setup Instructions, Machine Manuals, SPC Data, Tooling Lists, and Fixture Photos.  Save time and money by reducing your downtime and increasing your productivity.  You can spend more time using your machines than programming them.


















RBR Grinder Lines


Used Machines for Sale

All used machines subject to prior sale, call RBR at 630-971-8729 for more information.

15 TON x 56" STROKE MINI BROACH, Model 15UV56, 20 HP, 7" x 17" Shuttle Table, Low Hours, New 2002. Stock # P12209. $ 49,500.
4.33" KURAKI CNC TABLE TYPE, Model KBM-11A, 43" x 37" Rotary Table, X=59", Y=39.7", Z=27.5" ,W=11.9" , 25 HP, 2000 RPM, New 1998. Stock # K14406. $ 249,500.
49" TOS HULIN CNC VERTICAL BORING MILL, Model SKQ-12NC, Fanuc 0TC CNC Control, 49" Chuck, 59" Swing, 44" Under the Rail, 12 ATC, 50HP, 250 RPM, New 1993. Stock # K14396. $ 79,500.
BINNS & BERRY DATA 3000, Siemens 2100 CNC Control, 32" 4-Jaw Chuck, 59" Swing Over Bed, 51" Swing Over Cross, 197" Centers, Full C-Axis, Live Tooling, New 1999. Stock# K14471. $ 249,500.
Cincinnati Avenger 250T, Acramatic 850SX CNC Control, 23" Swing, Tailstock w/ 23" Between Centers, 2" Bar Capacity, New 1995. Stock# K14451. $ 14,500.
CINCINNATI HAWK 250 HTC-250, Fanuc 21i CNC Control, Royal 3" Capacity Power Collet Chuck, 20" Swing over Bed, 13.7" Swing Over Carraige, 27" Max Turning Length, Programmable Tailstock, New 2006. Stock # K14473. $ 29,500.
CLAUSING COLCHESTER STORM 200, Fanuc 0T CNC Control, 10" 3-Jaw Power Chuck, 20.86" Swing over Bed, 12.99" Swing Over Carriage, 24.7" Max Turning Length, Programmable Tailstock, New 1996. Stock # K14611. $ 19,500.
EMCO 332MC, Siemens 840D CNC Control, Twin Spindles, Twin Turret, Live Tooling in Both Turrets, C-Axis on Both Spindles, 1.25" Bar Capacity, 8.7 Max Turning Diameter, 20" Max Turning Length, New 2000. Stock # K14409. $ 29,500.
KITAKO VT4-350, Fanuc 18TB CNC, 4 Spindle Vertical Turning Center, (4) 12” Chucks, 13.8” Max Turning Diameter, New 1999.Stock # K13859. $ 179,500.
MAZAK MULTIPLEX 61, Mazatrol T32-6 CNC, Twin Spindle, Twin Turret, Live Tooling, 1.65" Bar Capacity, Collet Chucks, Tooling, 5000 RPM, New 1993. Stock # K13018. $ 59,500.
MORI SEIKI TL-40 Mori Moric-T5F ( Fanuc 15T) CNC Control, 24" Swing Over the Bed, 14.9" Swing Over the Carriage, Tailstock with 122" Centers, Hydraulic Steady Rest,, New 1991. Stock # K14482. $ 79,500.
MORI SEIKI ZL-203 SMC, Mori MSC-501 (Fanuc 18iTA) CNC Control, Twin Turret, Live Tooling, Sub-Spindle, 8" Chuck, 20" Swing, 19" Turning Length, New 2003. Stock # K14460. $ 89,500.
NAKAMURA TOME WT-300MMSY, Fanuc 18i-TB CNC Control, Twin Spindle, Twin Turret, Live Tooling in Both Turrets, C-Axis on Both Spindles, Y-Axis Upper Turret, New 2005. Stock # K13911. $ 219,500.
OKUMA CADET LNC-8 OSP 5020 CNC Control, 15.75" Swing Over the Bed, 9.84" Swing Over Carriage, 10" 3-Jaw Chuck, 2.5" Spindle Bore, 19.68" Between Centers, New 1995. Stock # K14623. $ 22,500.
OKUMA CAPTAIN L470-1250BBM, OSP E-100L CNC, Live Tooling, 15" Chuck, 50" Centers, Tooling Package, Low Hours, New 2005. Stock # P12356. $ 119,500.
OKUMA CROWN L1420 BIG B ORE, OSP U10L CNC Control, 28" Swing Over the Bed, 19 Swing Over Saddle, 15" 3-Jaw Chuck, 3.15" Spindle Bore, 31" Between Centers, New 2001. Stock # K14458. $ 49,500.
OKUMA ES-L6, OSP U10 CNC, 17" Swing over Bed, 11.8" Max Turning Diameter, 11" Max Turning Length, Programmable Tailstock, New 2008. Stock #'s P12363, P12364. $ 34,500. each
OKUMA HOWA VERTICAL TURNING CENTER, Model 2SP-V40, Fanuc 18i CNC Control, 20" Swing, 18" Cutting Height, (2) 28HP Spindles, New 2005. Stock # K14275. $ 169,500.
OKUMA HOWA V35R Vertical Turning Center, Fanuc 18T CNC, 20" Swing, 15.7" Max Turning Diameter, 17.7" Max Part Length, 12 Position Turrets, New 1999. Stock # K14291. $ 89,500.
SUPERMAX YCM TC-15, Fanuc OT, Barfeeder, 18" Swing, 8" 3-Jaw Power Chuck, Tailstock w/ 18" Centers, Chip Conveyor, 2000. Stock # P12315. $ 19,500.
TAKISAWA TC-200, Fanuc 21iTB CNC, 16" Swing, Tailstock w/ 23" Centers, 8 Position Turret, Chip Conveyor, 2007. Stock # P12365. $ 34,500.
TONGTAI SEIKI QUASAR 250, Fanuc OT, 15" Swing, 8" 3-Jaw Power Chuck, Tailstock w/ 23" Centers, 12 Position Turret, Chip Conveyor, 1993. Stock # K14474. $ 19,500.
AUERBACH FBE 1500 CNC PRODUCTION MILL, Heidenhain TNC-426 CNC, 16” CNC Rotary Table, 64” X 32” Table, X= 60”, Y= 40”, Z= 24”, 50 Taper, 40 HP, New 2001. Stock # P12118. $ 59,500.
HAAS HS-1RP, Haas CNC, (2) 16" Pallets, X=24" Y=20", Z=22", 1 Degree Indexing Pallet Rotation, 24 Station Automatic Tool Changer, Cat-40, 7500 RPM, New 1996. Stock # K13797. $ 39,500.
OKK HM-4, Fanuc 21iM CNC, (2) 16" Pallets, X=22" Y=20", Z=20", 1 Degree Indexing Pallet Rotation, Thru Spindle Coolant, Cat-40, 10,000 RPM, New 2002, Stock # K14608. $ 69,500.
OKUMA MX-60HB, OSP 700 CNC, (2) 24.8" x 24.8" Fully Contouring Pallets, X=39" Y=31", Z=32", Thru Spindle Coolant, 40 ATC,New 1998. Stock # P12362. $ 79,500.
BRIDGEPORT VMC3016, Fanuc 21i CNC Control, X=30", Y=16", Z=20", 22 ATC, 7500 RPM, 40 Taper, New 2001. Stock # K14467. $ 24,500.
CHEVALIER FM-3VKH, Southwest Industries 2-Axis Control, X=30", Y=15", Z=15", 10" x 50" Tbl, 4500 RPM, 3-HP, New 1993.Stock # K14398. $ 9,950.
CINCINNATI ARROW 500, Siemens Acramatic 2100 cnc, 20" x 27" Table, X=20", Y-20", Z=20", 21 Station Tool Changer, Cat-40, 8000 rpm, 1997. Stock # K14450. $ 19,500.
Cincinnati Arrow 750, Siemens Acramatic 2100 CNC, 37" x 20" Table, X=30", Y=20",Z=20", 21 Station Tool Changer, Cat-40, New 1998, Stock # K14618. $ 19,500.
CINCINNATI ARROW 1250, Siemens Acramatic 2100 CNC Control, X=50", Y=30",Z=30",60" x 30" Tbl, 8000 RPM, 21 Station Tool Changer, 1998 Stock # K14470. $ 29,500.
CINCINNATI SABRE 2000, Siemens Acramatic 2100 CNC Control, X=80", Y=30",Z=30", 84" x 30" Tbl, 8000 RPM, 21 Station Tool Changer, 1997. Stock# K14469. $ 39,500.
CLAUSING COLCHESTER STORM 200, Fanuc 0T CNC Control, 10" 3-Jaw Power Chuck, 20.86" Swing over Bed, 12.99" Swing Over Carriage, 24.7" Max Turning Length, Programmable Tailstock, New 1996. Stock # K14611 $ 19,500.
FADAL VMC-40, Fadal HS88 CNC Control, 39" x 16" Table, X=22", Y=16", Z=20", 10,000 RPM, 21 Station Tool Changer, New 1994.Stock # K14617. $ 17,500.
HARDINGE VMC600, 2-Pallet, Fanuc 0M-D CNC, (2) 12.2" x 24" Pallets, X=23.62",Y=16.14"Z=20.08", 8000 RPM, 20 ATC, New 2000, Stock # K14164. $ 24,500.
MATSUURA MC-510VG, Yasnac J300B CNC Control, X=20.08", Y=14.1",Z=18", 30" x 15" Tbl, 8000 RPM, 30 Station Tool Changer, New 1998, Stock # K14535. $ 19,500.
MAZAK V-414, Mazatrol M32B CNC, (2) 16" x 35" Pallets, X=22", Y=16", Z=18", 30 Station Tool Changer, 10 HP, New 1994, Stock # K14421. $ 19,500.
OKUMA MC-V4020, OSP U10M CNC, X=40", Y=20", Z=17", CAT 40, 15,000 RPM, 20 ATC, New 2002. Stock # P12360. $ 39,500.
OKUMA MC-V4020 4-Axis, OSP U10M CNC, Tsudakoma 4th Axis CNC Table, X=40", Y=20", Z=17", CAT 40, 15,000 RPM, Thru Spindle Coolant, New 2002. Stock # P12344. $ 59,500.
RACER TECH 1050BT, Megatronic CA2000 CNC, X = 32”, Y =16”, Z = 24”, 50” x 10” Table, 4200 RPM, New 1999. Stock # K12495. $ 9,500.
YANG MV-3A, Fanuc 0M CNC, X=30, Y=17, Z=19, 28 ATC, 6000 RPM, Cat-40, Box Ways Geared Head, New 1995. Stock # K14443. $ 19,500.
CNC ENHANCEMENTS AUTOBAR 400 BAR FEEDER, 1/4" to 4" Bar Capacity, Feeds 60" Bars, Hex or Round, New 2002. Stock # P12227. $ 3,950.
CNC ENHANCEMENTS HYDROTURN SINGLE TUBE BAR FEEDER, 3/8" to 1-7/8" Bar Capacity, Feeds 12' Bars, Single Tube Design, Hydraulic. Stock # P12115. $ 1,950.
FMB TURBO 5-42 BAR FEEDER, Model Turbo 5-42, .197" - 1.65" Bar Capacity, 157" Max. Length, New 1998. Stock # P12111. $ 6,950.
JORGENSEN CHIP CONVEYOR, 114”L x 11”W x 75”H Overall, 49” x 10” Chip Opening. Stock # K11995. $ 1,950.
LNS HYDROBAR BAR FEEDER, 1 1⁄2 “ Capacity, 12’ Long Base, Single Tube Design. Stock # K13388. $ 1,450.DRILLS – GUN
1" x 48" WARD & RIDDLE ( Technidrill ) Traveling Column Style Deep Hole Drill, 48" x 96" T-Slotted Table, 96" Column Travel, 48" Drill Stroke, Ballscrew Infeed, High Pressure Coolant System. New 1970. Stock # K14484. $ 34,500.
90 TON X 96" STRIPPIT/LVD CNC HYDRAULIC PRESS BRAKE, Model PBEB 90/08, LVD CADMAN CNC, 4-Axis Backgauge, 2003. Stock # P12336. $ 47,500.
REDIN MODEL 18P 4 HEAD GEAR CHAMFER & DEBURRING MACHINE, PLC Control, Auto Cycles, 4" - 16" Capacity,6" Face, New 1996. Stock # K13905. $ 29,500.
325-12 CINCINNATI, 6” Max Diameter, 12” Wide Wheel, Profile Truing, Infeed, Compensation, New 1972. Stock # K10997. $ 59,500.
1 CINCINNATI, CINEX, Acra 750 CNC, Profile Dresser, Digital Scales, Dual Arm Load, New 1990. Stock # K11185. $ 99,500.
FPA-10-S4 MAGERLE, 9 1⁄2 “ x 41” Table, 40 HP, Servo Feed, Crush Roll Dresser, New 1985. Stock # K12756. $ 49,500.
14” x 36” CINCINNATI, Model 370DA, EC1 Control, Plunge Feed, Pickfeed, Vari-Speed Workhead, 24” Wheel, New 1981.Stock # K10381 & K10383. $ 19,500. Each
16” x 32” WELDON CNC, Model APG 1632, Allen Bradley 9/230 CNC Control, Full Contouring C-Axis, New 1982, Retrofit 1992. Stock # K10754. $ 27,500.
1 HEALD CINTERNAL, 750G CNC, 10" Swing, Spindle Turret, Spindle Chiller, New 1988. Stock # D11458. $ 59,500.
1 HEALD CINTERNAL, 750G CNC, 10" Swing, 9" Stroke, 12" Table Travel, New 1988. Stock # D11457. $ 59,500.
271 HEALD PLAIN, with ID and Face Spindles, 22" Swing over Bed, 18" Swing inside Guard, 8" Grinding Depth, ID and Face Spindles, New 1970. Stock # K14418. $ 24,500.
273A HEALD UNIVERSAL, 24" Swing over Bed, 20" Swing inside Guards, 30" Clearance, 16" Grinding Stroke, New 1970. Stock # K14177. $ 24,500.
273A HEALD UNIVERSAL, Extended Base, 24" Swing over Bed, 20" Swing inside Guards, 41" Clearance, 16" Grinding Stroke, New 1976. Stock # K14225. $ 29,500.
273A HEALD UNIVERSAL, Extended Base, 24" Swing over Bed, 20" Swing inside Guards, 41" Clearance, 16" Grinding Stroke, New 1972. Stock # K14226. $ 29,500.
6" x 18" DOALL, Model D6, 6" x 18" Perm-magnetic Chuck, Automatic Recip & Cross Feed,1 HP, New 1952. Stock # K14363. $ 3,950.
K.O. LEE TOOL & CUTTER GRINDER, Model B2000, 6" x 12" Magnetic Chuck, Centers, 5" x 35" Table, Swivel Head and Table, New 1996. Stock # K14397. $ 4,950.
24" SPEEDFAM, Model 24STAW, (4) Pneumatic Hold Downs, 9" Retainer Rings, Water Cooled, Tooling, New 1993. Stock # K14477. $ 19,500.
33" x 120" Binns & Berry Oil Country Lathe, Model Trident 850, 33" Swing, 24" Chuck, 10.5" Thru Hole, Threading, Taper, Steady, Tailstock with 120" Centers, New 1983. Stock # K14602. $ 79,500.
30" x 80" MAZAK Rex 30 Gap Bed Lathe, Model 30, 30' Swing over Bed, 20.85" Over Cross Slide, 80" Centers , 4" Spindle Bore, 21" 4-Jaw Chuck, 3-Jaw Chuck, (2) Steady Rests, Taper Attachment, New 1985. Stock # K14539. $ 29,500.
HARDINGE HLV-H TOOLROOM, Acurite Digital Readouts, 11' Swing over Bed, 9" Over Cross Slide, 18" Centers , 5C Collet Nose, 125-3000 RPM Variable Speed Spindle, Independent Variable Feeds, Inch Threading, New 1981. Stock # K14371. $ 19,500.
HARDINGE DV-59 / DSM-59 Second Operation Lathe, 9' Swing over Bed, 5C Collet Nose, 125-3000 RPM Variable Speed Spindle, 6 position Turret Attachment, Cross Slide Attachment, New 1981. Stock # K14540. $ 4,950.
MONARCH EE Precision Lathe Newall Digital Readouts, 12' Swing over Bed, 7" Over Cross Slide, 20" Centers , 6" #-Jaw Chuck,Collet Nose, 25-2500 RPM Variable Speed Spindle, Threading, Taper, New 1979, New Electrics 2011. Stock # K14537. $ 24,500.
AUERBACH FBE 1500 CNC PRODUCTION MILL, Heidenhain TNC-426 CNC, 16” CNC Rotary Table, 64” X 32” Table,X= 60”, Y= 40”, Z= 24”, 50 Taper, 40 HP, 2500 RPM. New 2001. Stock# P12118. $ 79,500.
125 TON SOUTH BEND JOHNSON OBI PRESS, 4" Stroke, 42" x 27" Bolster, 17.5" Shut, New 1974. Stock # K13992. $ 14,500.
10 TON ENERPAC DUAL CYLINDER H FRAME PRESS, 10 Ton Capacity, 24" x 18" Bed, Adjustable Vertical Height of Bed, Stock # P12083. $ 1,750.
10 TON RAM-PAC H-FRAME HYDRAULIC PRESS, Model HPH-101, 10 Tons, 7-1/4" x 22" Bed Area, 18-1/2" Between Uprights,Hand Pump Hydraulic Unit, New! Stock # K14138. $ 1,795.
10 TON RAM-PAC H-FRAME HYDRAULIC PRESS, Model HPH-102, 10 Tons, 7-1/4" x 22" Bed Area, 18-1/2" Between Uprights, Hand Pump Hydraulic Unit, New! Stock # K14139. $ 1,950.
10 TON POWER TEAM H-FRAME HYDRAULIC PRESS, 10 Tons, 7-1/4" x 22" Bed Area, 18-1/2" Between Uprights, 2-Speed Hand Pump Hydraulic Unit, New! Stock # K14140. $ 2,250.
30 TON RAM-PAC H-FRAME HYDRAULIC PRESS, Model HPE-304, 30 Tons, 11-1/2" x 36" Bed Area, 28" Between Uprights,Electric Hydraulic Unit with Pendent Control, 110 Volt, New! Stock # K14145. $ 6,995.
30 TON RAM-PAC H-FRAME HYDRAULIC PRESS, Model HPE-303, 30 Tons, 11-1/2" x 36" Bed Area, 28" Between Uprights, Electric Hydraulic Unit with Pendent Control, 110 Volt, New! Stock # K14146. $ 7,950.
30 TON RAM-PAC H-FRAME HYDRAULIC PRESS, Model HPH-304, 30 Tons, 11-1/2" x 36" Bed Area, 28" Between Uprights, Hand Pump Hydraulics, New! Stock # K14147. $ 3,950.
50 TON RAM-PAC H-FRAME HYDRAULIC PRESS, Model HPE-503, 50 Tons, 16" x 42" Bed Area, 35" Between Uprights, Electric Hydraulic Unit with Pendent Control, 110 Volt, New! Stock # K14143. $ 9,500.
BEWO 315 AF/HY AUTOMATIC COLD SAW, Model 315 AF/HY, 12" Blade Diameter, 3-1/2" Round Capacity, Automatic Stock Feed, Pneumatic Vises. Stock # K13964. $ 3,950.
DAKE MEP 14" AUTOMATIC COLD SAW, Model Cobra 350AX, 14" Blade Diameter, 4-1/2" Round Capacity, Automatic StockFeed, Pneumatic Vises. Stock # K13965. $ 4,950.
4.33" KITAGAWA TT120 4TH AND 5TH AXIS CNC ROTARY TABLE, Model TT120, Fanuc Compatible, 2007.Stock #P12251. $ 19,500.
4.33" KITAGAWA TT120 4TH AND 5TH AXIS CNC ROTARY TABLE, Model TT120, Fanuc Compatible, 2007 Stock #P12252. $ 19,500.
9" NIKKEN 4TH AND 5TH AXIS CNC ROTARY TABLE, Model 5AX-230, Fanuc Compatible, 1993. Stock # P11838. $ 12,500.
10" TSUDAKOMA CNC ROTARY TABLE, Model RNCM-251L, Full Contouring CNC Rotary Table with Fanuc Servo Motor. Stock # K14300. $ 4,950.
12” PRATT & WHITNEY 4 TH AXIS ROTARY TABLE, 12” Diameter, Stock # D11435. $ 1,950.
12" TROYKE, Model NC-12-B, 12" Table, Full Contouring CNC, Pneumatic Clamping, Horz or Vert Mounting, New 1996. Stock # K14301. $ 5,950.
20" x 24" SLOTTED RISER TABLE, 2-1/2" High, T-Slotted Riser Table, Stock # D11474. $ 750.
30” PRATT & WHITNEY VERTICAL POWER ROTARY TABLE, 19” Center Height, T-Slotted, 2 Arc/Sec Pos, Stock# D11040.$ 7,950.
42” PRATT & WHITNEY CNC INTERFACE ROTARY TABLE, 11-1/2” High, Full Auto Indexing, T-Slotted, Stock # K10372. $ 19,500.
84" x 84" CININNATI GILBERT, Power Rotary Table, 8 1-1/4" T-Slots, 25" High. Stock # K14299. $ 19,500.
LINCOLN 300 AMP MIG WELDER, Lincoln CV-300 Mig Welder, 300 Amp, Constant Voltage DC Welding Power Source, Lincoln LN-7 Wire Feeder, Tweco Mig Gun, On Cart, Stock # K13707. $ 1,750.
MILLER 250 AMP STICK WELDER, Miller DialArc 250 AC/DC Power Supply, 250 Amp, Single Phase or 3 Phase. Stock # K13742. $ 795.Each
MILLER MP-30E AMP MIG WELDER, Miller MP-30E Welder. 300 Amp, Constant Voltage DC Welding Power Source, S-52E Wire Feeder, On Cart, S/N KA862802, Stock # K13746, 48, 50. $ 1,750.Each
2500 LB ARONSON MODEL "SKYHOOK" WELDING POSITIONER, 360 Degree Tilt, 360 Degree Rotate, 38" Tablewith 18-1/2" Thru Hole, New 1986. Stock # K11791. $ 24,500.
8" MACHINE VISE, 8" Opening, 8-1/4" Wide Jaws, 12" x 26" Base, 5-1/2" High, Heavy Duty, Stock #'s P12306, P12307. $ 245.Each
6,000 LB CATERPILLAR FORK TRUCK, 6000 LB Capacity, 158" Lift Height, Propane, Solid Tires, 1978. Stock #P11985. $ 5,950.
AEROCOLOGY FDV3000 MIST, DUST and SMOKE COLLECTOR, 3000 CFM, 2 HP, 10" Inlet Collar, Air Flow Pressure Gauge, 3 stage Filter, 460/3/60, New 1997. Stock # K14351. $ 2,950.
AEROCOLOGY MDV3000 MIST COLLECTOR, 3000 CFM, 2 HP, 12" Inlet Collar, Air Flow Pressure Gauge, 460/3/60New 1999. Stock # K14350. $ 2,950.
ANGLE PLATE, 18” x 36” x 17-3/4” Deep, (7) 3⁄4” T-Slots, Stock # K11986. $ 1,950.
CINCINNATI RACK MILLING ATTACHMENT, 1-1/4” Arbor, Fits all Cincinnati Horizontal Dial Type Milling Machines, Stock # K11974. $ 1,950.
EMCO PAPER FILTRATION SYSTEM, Hand or Auto Operation, 11.5" Drum Diameter, 11.5" Drum Width. Stock # P10763. $ 1,950.
ENSHU JE-40 PALLET, 15.7" x 15.7", Drilled and Tapped Holes, Stock # P12051. $ 2,950.
FONGEX CHIP CONVEYOR, 8-3/4"" x 60" Chip Opening, 32" Discharge Height,102"L x 23W" Overall. Stock # P12348. $ 2,450.
FONGEX CHIP CONVEYOR, 10"" x 50" Chip Opening, 36" Discharge Height, 76"L x 21W" Overall. Stock # P12349. $ 1,950.
HAMO AG CH 2542 PARTS WASHER, Model AG CH 2542, 26" x 26" x 24" High Inside Dimensions, 2000. Stock# P12203. $ 9,950.
KEY ARROW KAS 200 DRAG FLIGHT / SCRAPER CONVEYOR, 8-3/4"" x 97" Chip Opening, 48" Discharge Height,148"L x 48W" Overall, Like New, 2011. (4) Identical Conveyors Available, Stock # P12136, P12137. $ 4,950.Each
15 KVA Federal Pacific Transformer, ModelT43T15, 480 Primary, 240 / 120 Volt Secondary, 3 Phase, Multi Tap, Dry. Stock # K14626. $ 695.
75 KVA FARGO TANSFORMER, 240 Volt Primary, 208 Volt Secondary, Multi Tap, Dry Type. Stock # K14289. $ 695.
75 KVA Square D Transformer, Model 75T6H, 480 Primary, 240 Volt Secondary, 3 Phase, Multi Tap, Dry, (2) Available. Stock #’s K14621 & K14622. $ 895.Each
60/54 KVA BRONE ELECTRIC 3 PHASE 60 CYCLE TRANSFORMER, Voltage 480-230 Volt Input, 200 Volt Output, Multi Tap, Dry Type, Overload Breaker, Full Enclosure. (3) Available. Stock # K14620. $ 695.Each
98 KVA FEDERAL PACIFIC TRANSFORMER, Model 36B, Delta to Y, 460 Volt Primary, 460/266 Y 117 Amp Secondary,Multi-Tap, Dry Type, Stock # K12453. $ 695.
20 KVA GENERAL ELECTRIC DRIVE ISOLATION TRANSFORMER, 575 Volt Primary, 230/133 Volt Secondary, Multi-Tap 547-604, Dry Type, Like New. Stock # K12533. $ 695.
43 KVA GENERAL ELECTRIC TRANSFORMER, 575 Volt Primary, 460 Volt, 265 Volt Secondary, Multi Tap, Dry Type,Stock # K12557. $ 595.
MAHR 819K MEASURING MACHINE, Model 819 KN, Milligraph, Millitron, 24" x 39" Granite Surface Plate, 1993. Stock # P12045. $ 3,950.
MATSUURA TOOL PRESETTER, 45 Taper, 1979. Stock # J10616. $ 750.
MOSNIC COOLANT FILTRATION SYSTEM, Model RD3-112A, Rotary Drum and Drag Flight Conveyor, For Makino A-51NX and others, 2012. Stock # P12339. $ 12,500.
PALLET FIXTURE PLATE, 34” x 31” x 1.5”, 3 Hold-Downs, Stock # K11992. $ 450.
PIONEER AIR REFRIGERATED DRYER, Model R1200A, 1200 CFM, 200 PSI, 6 HP, New 1988. Stock # J10668. $ 950.
RAMCO MULTI STATION AUTOMATED DYE PENETRANT SYSTEM, Ultrasonic Washing, Rinsing, Dryers, Developer,2003. Stock # P12202. $ 79,500.
RANSOHOFF LEANVEYOR AUTOMATIC CONTINUOUS PARTS WASHER, Wash & Heated Dry, Continuous, 12" Wide Flat Wire Belt Conveyor, 2009. Stock # P12370. $ 44,500.
SUB PLATE, 35” x 35” x 4-1/2” Thick, Stock # K11982. $ 950.
SUB PLATE, 24.75” x 24.75” x 4” Thick, (5) 3⁄4” T-Slots, Stock # K11983. $ 450.
SUB PLATE, 32” x 32” x 4” Thick, Stock # K11984. $ 950.
TRION AIR BOSS MP 1200M MIST COLLECTOR, 1150 CFM, 1 HP, 8" Inlet Collar, Air Flow Pressure Gauge, 110V/Single Phase. New 1999. Stock # K14349. $ 2,950.
Turbo Microfine Chip Conveyor with Coolant tanks and Pumps, 54" x 126" Tank. 24" Wide Conveyor. Stock # K14624. $ 4,950.

Problems with CNC communications, Yes we can help

We recently had a call from a frustrated job shop owner how recent purchased a expensive CAM system and was not able to get it to communicate with a older Mazak with a M32 control using G code.  When the CAM supplier walked away and told him they could not help him, he did not know where to turn next.  An associate shop owner and CncGcoder® user, recomended calling RBR the builders of the CncGcoder®.  After explanation of his problem we knew the CncGcoder®HD-T would work and gave him a money back guarantee.  We shipped a package overnight and he was successfully transferring program to and from the machine by 10:00 AM the next day.  We also spent some additional time on the phone reviewng all the functions and features until he was very comfortable with the package. This is part of our unlimited lifetime phone support.

This is only one story of the thousand of customers we have helped.  For a user list and customer testimonials contact RBR Machine Tools the original developer and builders of the CncGcoder® products since from 2002.

Please take 80 seconds to watch our CncGcoder® Video:

Weldon Solutions Visit

We recently visited Weldon Solutions facility in York PA. for a national sales meeting.  Their new 40,000 Sq Ft totally air conditioned complete crane serviced facility was quite Impressive.

The plant was well organized with large computerized parts inventory and retrieval system, machine assembly, paint , run-off and inspection facility for quality verification of machines and parts run-off.  There is also a separate demonstration area with several machines for demonstration and process development. The robotics intergeneration lab and testing area was also equally has impressive.  What had impressed me the most was the attitude of the personal and their drive to provide there customers the very best quality products and service.  I was amazed at the variety and scope of parts and challenges Weldon has provided solutions for. Weldon is an employee owned company.

We were also pleased to hear about the high level of customer regard and satisfaction for Weldon. This was coming form other distributors who had sold this product through out the country.

RBR is proud to represent such a fine quality American precision machine tool builder. We encourage you to seriously consider Weldon for your next grinder requirement.

A Better Way to Machine Booms

A Better Way to Machine Booms 

Three spindles are better than one. For more information on this boom machine call us today.